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We present a standard esophagogastroduodenoscopy reporting form for use in EGDS reporting.

The patient underwent continuous pulse oximetry and vital sign monitoring throughout the procedure.
SEDATION: Xylocaine spray, Midazolam …mg i.v.
Esophagus: regular for caliber, peristalsis and mucous relief.
Esophago-gastric junction: in place, at the level of the diaphragmatic hiatus.
Stomach: Well distensible, contains normal quantity of clear gastric juice. At the bottom and body the mucosa appears regular. In the antrum the mucosa appears regular.
Pylorus: regular
Buodenum: Bulb with pink mucosa. Second regular portion.
CONCLUSIONS: no organic lesions in the explored sections.
ADVERSE REACTIONS: No immediate complications. The patient tolerated the procedure well, with stable vital signs and adequate pulse oximetry throughout the procedure. The patient left the procedure area in stable condition, awake and alert.

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