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Quiz-Acute appendicitis

Quiz-Acute appendicitis


Acute appendicitis

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What type of tissue is the appendix made up of?

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The long-term consequences of an appendectomy include:

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What is appendicitis?

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You're providing education to a group of nursing students about the care of a patient with appendicitis. Which statement by a nursing student requires re-education about your teaching?

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According to the American College of Radiology (ACR), which of these is most appropriate for initial imaging in an emergency setting among nonpregnant adult patients with suspected appendicitis and right lower quadrant pain?

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What are symptoms of appendicitis?

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Can appendicitis be fatal?

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What are some possible causes of an obstructed appendix?

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A patient is recovering after having an appendectomy. The patient is 48 hours post-opt from surgery and is tolerating full liquids. The physician orders for the patient to try solid foods. What types of foods should the patient incorporate in their diet?

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The first sign of appendicitis is:

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Other condition/s that could produce pain similar to appendicitis include:

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What percentage of people have appendicitis in their lifetime?

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If you suspect you have appendicitis, what type of medicine should you not take?

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McBurney Point is located:

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What best explains what happens to the appendix when it is obstructed?

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Which statement is most accurate about the treatment of appendicitis?

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Which of these is most accurate concerning the presentation of acute appendicitis?

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Select all the following options that are causes of appendicitis:

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A patient is scheduled for appendectomy at noon. While performing your morning assessment, you note that the patient has a fever of 39°C and rates abdominal pain 9 on 1-10. In addition, the abdomen is distended and the patient states, "I was feeling better last night but it seems the pain has become worst." The patient is having tachycardia and tachypnea. Based on the scenario, what do you suspect the patient is experiencing?

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Immediate post operative care for appendectomy include the following except:

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Development of appendicitis is hereditary.

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Peritonitis may occur in ruptured appendix and may cause serious problems which are: 1. Hypovolemia, electrolyte imbalance 2. Elevated temperature, weakness and diaphoresis 3. Nausea and vomiting, rigidity of the abdominal wall 4. Pallor and eventually shock

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The most common treatment for appendicitis is:

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Which of these is associated with more severe appendicitis?

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On what side is your appendix located?

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Which of these potential causes of appendicitis is more common?

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Who is most likely to develop appendicitis?

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As the appendix becomes more inflamed, which symptom(s) might be present?

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Your patient is 4 days post-opt from an appendectomy. Which assessment finding requires further evaluation?

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A 25 year old patient is admitted with suspected appendicitis. The patient states he is having pain around the umbilicus that extends into the lower part of his abdomen. In addition, he says that the pain is worst on the right lower quadrant. The patient points to his abdomen at a location which is about a one-third distance between the anterior superior iliac spine and umbilicus. This area is known as what?

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