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Quiz-Ulcerative colitis


Ulcerative colitis

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What is the liver disease most frequently associated with ulcerative colitis?

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In the presence of ulcerative colitis lasting more than 10 years, what is the most appropriate investigation?

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What anatomical-pathological alteration precedes cancerization in ulcerative colitis?

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What are the complications of ulcerative colitis?

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What is the most frequent symptom of ulcerative colitis?

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In the presence of severe ulcerative colitis what is the radiological investigation to be performed in the first instance?

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What is the most suitable operation for elective ulcerative colitis?

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25-year-old male patient who has been reporting diarrhea, occasional rectal bleeding, weight loss for a month. What investigation would you perform?

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What are the most frequent functional sequelae in ulcerative colitis?

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