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SPLEEN TRAUMA-AAST Spleen Trauma Classification

This classification of splenic trauma considered the anatomical lesions:

ISubcapsular hematomaSubcapsular, < 10% surface area
Parenchymal hematoma
LacerationCapsular tear, < 1 cm parenchymal depth
Vascular lesion
IISubcapsular hematoma10–50% surface area
Parenchymal hematoma<5cm in diameter
Laceration1–3 cm parenchymal depth not involving a parenchymal vessel
Vascular lesion
IIISubcapsular hematoma> 50% surface area or expanding
Parenchymal hematomaIntraparenchymal hematoma > 5 cm or ruptured subcapsular
Laceration> 3 cm parenchymal depth
Vascular lesioninvolving trabecular vessels
IVSubcapsular hematoma
Parenchymal hematoma
LacerationLaceration (> 25% of spleen)
Vascular lesionsegmental or hilar vessels producing major devascularization
VSubcapsular hematoma
Parenchymal hematoma
LacerationCompletely shatters spleen
Vascular lesionHilar vascular injury which devascularized spleen

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